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When you need the best possible estimate for your exterior work, turn to Estimation Pros. Our experienced teams provide siding and other estimates in Xactimate with a level of detail that will make sure every job is completed on time and within budget!

Siding Estimates

The estimate for your siding project is easy with Xactimate. If you have all of the measurements and calculations, just fill in our form! We'll take care if writing an itemized list or adding up values. It's totally up to you how much detail gets into this document since every situation varies so much from what another customer might need done at their house.

Provide any information that you can

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  • Adjuster Written Xactimate Estimates
  • Specialty Bid Items
  • Painting Contractors
  • Photos
  • A Symbility report (if you already have one)

There is an upload tool in the Online Form. The more information you send, the better Xactimate roof estimate we can write.

Do the Math!

Using Estimation Pros as your full-time estimator is less expensive than hiring someone in-house.

Let’s do the math:

$59,557  Avg Resto Estimator Salary
1.4x   SBA’s multiplier for additional employee costs
$83,379  Avg. TOTAL cost for in-house estimator

$550  Avg. cost for Xactimating estimate – 25K to 50k
$0  Additional costs, fees, taxes, etc. – NONE
$550  Total cost for a quote from Estimation Pros

152 – That’s the number of 25k to 50k estimates your in-house estimator will need to produce to be less expensive than Estimation Pros.

Your estimator would need to produce 1.5 quotes EVERY WORK DAY!
(240 work days/year ➗ 151 estimates to pay their salary)

Is your estimator producing 1.5 quotes a day, every single working day?

If not, you’re losing money.

Xactimate Siding Estimate Order Forms

Use one of the forms below to order an estimate.

Roof and Siding Combination Estimate

If you would like to add a roof to a siding estimate, or vice versa, please download both forms.