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Professional Xactimate Estimating Service: EstimationPros

Estimation Pros is an Xactimate estimating service that delivers 30% more profit. Our professional Xactimate estimate writers specialize in writing insurance claims using Xactimate software and serve the insurance and restoration industries. With decades of estimating experience, Symbility, Xactimate, proprietary software, and the most up-to-date macros, we’re able to deliver quotes that consistently beat the competition.

About Estimation Pros

Estimation Pros is the most experienced and trusted 3rd party Xactimate Estimating Service. Our team of estimators were former adjusters and typically have 8 years of experience or more in the claims industry. They understand all aspects of damage estimation. Our team writes estimates for every imaginable type of damage. We also make submitting your estimate information a breeze. Choose Estimate Pros for reliable, precise, and professionally written estimates with better margins.

How Estimation Pros Can Help You?

Need a professional Xactimate estimating service but lack the time or skills? Estimation Pros is your answer. We offer quick, accurate estimates that are guaranteed to help you settle your claim. With over 12 years of experience in the insurance industry, we know what it takes to get the job done right. Let us help you take care of business so you can focus on what's really important.

Using XactaQuote To Get Xactimate Estimates Is Easy

Find more specific information on pages pertaining to your type of estimate.

What is Xactimate?

Xactimate is the most trusted name in insurance restoration pricing. With Xactimate, you can price materials and labor for any job, big or small. Xactimate provides zip code-specific pricing in the US and Canada, updated monthly. Knowing Xactimate codes is essential to making a successful bid on any insurance restoration project. With Xactimate software as your source for damage estimation, be on the top of the restoration industry today.

Xactimate Estimating Service For Roofing

We use Xactimate for completing exterior estimates. We can create high margin and accurate Xactimate roofing estimates for you. If you already have an EagleView Report or roofr, please send it with your submittal.

What is Symbility?

A different kind of estimate… With a history in modernizing insurance claims solutions for the property insurance industry, Symbility has established itself as an industry leader. Their expertise lies not only with its core business functions but also through their partnerships to provide world-class experiences that simplify your life at work or home while improving both individually too! Call us today for HIGHER MARGIN Symbility estimates!

How We Use Symbility

The speed, accuracy and ease of use for this technology is changing the way Symbility settles claims. Now we can document our findings onsite eliminating followup visits while providing policyholders an opportunity to engage in settlement discussions that lead us through every step until it's closed out correctly with minimal hassle from start-to finish! We have quick Symbility lead times, call for details!

Do the Math!

Using Estimation Pros as your full-time estimator is less expensive than hiring someone in-house.

Let’s do the math:

$59,557  Avg Resto Estimator Salary
1.4x   SBA’s multiplier for additional employee costs
$83,379  Avg. TOTAL cost for in-house estimator

$550  Avg. cost for Xactimating estimate – 25K to 50k
$0  Additional costs, fees, taxes, etc. – NONE
$550  Total cost for a quote from Estimation Pros

152 – That’s the number of 25k to 50k estimates your in-house estimator will need to produce to be less expensive than Estimation Pros

Your estimator would need to produce 1.5 quotes EVERY WORK DAY!
(240 work days/year ➗ 151 estimates to pay their salary)

Is your estimator producing 1.5 quotes a day, every single working day?

If not, you’re losing money.

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